Rodeo Newsletter - Fall 2022

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Letter from the Head Coach

Head Coach Ben Londo

Happy Fall everyone,

What a bittersweet year we have had as a Cal Poly Rodeo family. We have bounced back from the pandemic, hosted our first Poly Royal Rodeo on campus since the shutdown, and launched a fundraising effort that will be the future of the Cal Poly Rodeo program. Sadly, the same man we honored during the 80th Annual Poly Royal was called back to the heavens this summer. The Cotton Rosser family legacy and mark on Cal Poly and the rodeo world will always be remembered though by all who visit our complex.

What an honor it was to host the legendary Cotton Rosser at our rodeo as we unveiled the Cotton Rosser Endowment and showcased the beautiful entrance arch that will forever be the first thing people see when they arrive at the Cotton Rosser Rodeo Complex. Every athlete, prospect, donor, and fan will be able to witness the impact the Rosser Rodeo Legacy has had on Cal Poly Rodeo and know that the endowment in his name continues to keep our program thriving.

The Cotton Rosser Endowment is a fund housed within the university that will help secure the program in perpetuity. The annual proceeds from the endowment will cover basic operational budget items for the program. Stock, feed, travel, maintenance, and scholarships will be annually funded by the proceeds. Each year we raise our own operating budget for the year based on sponsor support, Poly Royal proceeds, and donor support. As we continue to grow a more sustainable and reliable budget, income is needed to ensure we stay in financial graces. 

The timing of the endowment could not have been better. As we move into a new season faced with increased commodity and travel costs, our largest team and scholarship budget ever, we can use stable financial planning moving forward. This additional budget support helps to ensure that Cal Poly Rodeo will continue to provide opportunities for growth both in and out of the arena to young athletes for generations to come. 

My heartfelt thanks go out as many of our past members have ensured this program continues, including the late Manfred and Jean Sander, who gave so much to our program, and the hundreds of Rodeo Boosters who contribute every year. Because of you all, the Cal Poly Rodeo Legacy will continue. Thank you to those of you who have helped start its principal funding. Hopefully others interested in honoring Rosser and preserving the western way of life through Cal Poly Rodeo see the value in this vessel as well. 

As it has for generations, Cal Poly Rodeo will continue to teach grit, try, responsibility, perseverance, social adaptivity, and teamwork, all while making great representatives of our competitive sport. The Cotton Rosser Rodeo Complex will continue to be a very influential place for the young athletes of this program as they spend their time within its gates. Thank you Cotton for setting the example and thank you to our Cal Poly Rodeo Family for continuing to make the rodeo program greater every chance that you can.





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