Frequently Asked Questions


Due to concerns over the novel coronavirus outbreak, also known as COVID-19, the 2020 Poly Royal Rodeo has been cancelled. Tickets for this event are no longer on sale. Please refer to our page with current updates.


General Questions

  1. Where can I see the Cal Poly Rodeo Team in action?

    Check out the team here.

  2. How do I join the Rodeo Team?

    Please see "Join the Program" for more information and fill out our membership application

  3. Where can I buy Cal Poly Rodeo gear? 

    Gear will be available for purchase at the Poly Royal Rodeo, or you can visit Shop to order now!


Questions About Sponsorships

  1. I would like to support Cal Poly Rodeo but I do not want to be a Poly Royal sponsor.
    What can I do?

    You can donate to the Cal Poly Rodeo Program through our online giving platform. Head to the general donations section for more information. You may also donate to the Rodeo Boosters who fund multiple scholarships each year and assist with major rodeo ground improvements.

  2. I would like to make a gift to Cal Poly Rodeo via check. Where do I send my check and who do I make it out to?

    Make checks payable to “Cal Poly Rodeo” and write the area you would like to donate to in the memo field (e.g. Rodeo Program, Rodeo Scholarships, or Poly Royal Rodeo Sponsorship).

    Mail your check to: 

    College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences 
    Attn: Advancement
    1 Grand Avenue
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

    Poly Royal sponsors should also mail a completed information form with their check.

  3. I would like to sponsor Poly Royal but I do not have any artwork. 

    Certain sponsor levels include banners, ads, and other graphics, but it is not a requirement, if you wish to opt out please let us know at Special artwork requests for qualifying sponsors can be directed to

  4. Where can I send my artwork?

    Qualifying Poly Royal sponsors can email graphics to All graphics and ads must be received by March 13.

  5. When are Poly Royal sponsorships due? 

    All sponsorships must be received by March 13, to meet the final deadline for the 80th annual Poly Royal Rodeo. Sponsorships received after this date will be applied to the following year's rodeo. We suggest getting your sponsorship in before the end of the calendar year so you can enjoy potential tax benefits from your charitable gift. 

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